Hello world! This is SlidePick.

Hey! Welcome to the SlidePick Blog

On our first post I’ll take a few moments to talk about how everything started and why we are doing this.

In the last few years I think I have promised at least a thousand times to sit down an afternoon and organize all those pictures from the amazing holidays I’ve had with my family and friends. What I can say about cleaning those annoying pictures that everyone sends through WhatsApp, which makes my phone to be constantly full. The worse moment of all, was when I lost all my great photos because I broke my phone, even knowing that there were many cloud services to stored them, the effort and time that it meant to do the job was too long and too boring, enough not to do it… I could swear that you, and many others, have been on some of these situations, I’m I right?

“Why reinvent the wheel if we have the answers in our head”


This is when the fun started!

After a conversation with my grandparent and my uncle (Jaime and Pablo Lavados, both well know neuroscients here in Chile) we realize that our brain has an unique way to organize and manage all the information we gather every second from different sources, physical and sensorial. So we asked our self, what if we could take this process, which has been evolving for millions of years, and bring it to the comfort of our smartphone to solve a huge problem, which persist and increase each day? Since the camera was invented we have been struggling to keep our photos organized, categorized and saved, but nowadays this is something almost impossible. This has to end in a way where everyone can feel comfortable doing it, and what better way to use our brain as inspiration to end with this chaos. Because after all, photos and our memories, are our link to the past and our most valuable treasures.

That’s the moment when SlidePick was born, and that is the purpose behind all the work we are doing today. We strongly believe that the answer to the organizational problem is, literally, in our head, that also means that every feedback, comment and suggestion that you can give is extremely valuable for us as is a way to understand a little better how our brain works.

Company Culture

From this we have set some of the first principles that rule the work we do, and what we want to transmit to the world as our company culture:

  • Believe in our vision, show the love.
  • We’re Co-Creating SlidePick with all of YOU.
  • We listen first, ask latter.
  • Always looking for happiness and joy in what we do.
  • Transparency, empathy and resilience as the ground of our work.

I think I could keep writing for hours, but we will take the time to explain everything with more details in the upcoming posts! As we said before, you are our special guest in this ship that is taking off to an uncertain place, but the adventure we are starting it’s worth to be part of :)

Stay put!

SlidePick Team

Ps: Don’t forget to invite all your friends to be part of this amazing journey we have ahead, let’s put everything in order with our memories and special moments.